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Trends, opportunities and challenges in digital health with less buzz words and more hard questions :)

Our goal here is to share our take at Arkin Digital Health on the digital health realm and highlight what makes us tick and what doesn’t in the most realistic and open way we can.

We aim both to provide some added value and to find new partners who share similar points of view - entrepreneurs, fellow investors, industry leaders, …

A bit cynical and a bit provocative but hopefully constructive :)

Arkin Digital Health

We invest in software-based companies (Healthcare IT and tech-enabled services, excluding wearables or “smart” devices) operating in the US market and focus on B2B or B2B2C companies. We are looking for products that solve a real unmet need and have clear cost saving or revenue generating aspect.

We seek to leverage Arkin’s extensive cross sector exposure, especially in the crossroads between pharmaceutical / biotech, devices and digital health to support our portfolio companies and create new value propositions.

About Arkin Holdings

Operating for more than a decade, Arkin Holdings is a unique family office / investment firm with its professional focus on healthcare and collaboration with financial investors. Arkin currently manage a ~$1.5 billion diverse healthcare portfolio throughout several investment arms - Pharma & Biotech, Medtech, and Digital Health. Our investors include a substantial amount of Israel’s top-tier institutional investors.

As a derivative to our longstanding and unique cross sector exposure, Arkin Holdings offer a distinctive combination of practical industry knowledge, deep market outreach, significant investment experience and financial resources. We manage our own financial portfolio looking to contribute to the R&D and growth of our holding companies.

You can learn more @ http://arkinholdings.com/

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Differential Diagnosis is a 1000-3000 words blog on trends, opportunities and challenges in digital health as we at Arkin Digital Health see them. A bit cynical and a bit provocative but hopefully constructive :)


Head of Digital Health Investment @ Arkin Holdings | Deep technological project/product management -> physician -> BD -> venture capital